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This article shows how to upgrade PACKflow on a server.


PACKflow updates can be downloaded from PACKflow Manager.

Open the "Update" dialog from the top menu:

Update 00

In the dialog, select the update you want to install. The latest one is selected by default.

Be sure to select a destination folder for the downloaded file.

Update 0

The "Release notes" button will open the list of changes of that release on our website ( using you default browser.

Click on "Download".

When the file has been downloaded, the "Install" button becomes available. It will close Manager and start the setup.


If not already started, you need to open the setup executable file. It should be named in the format "Mica-Systems.PACKflow.Setup.X.X.X.X.exe".

You will be prompted for administrator rights.

PACKflow will unpack its files before prompting the next screen.

Update 1

Choose "Update" and click "Next".

Update 2

Click "Next".

Update 3

PACKflow will now update all of its components (services, sites, database, etc).

When all steps are completed, click next.

Update 4

Finally, the last screen proposes to update PACKflow Manager, if a new version is available. We highly recommend to update it.

Update 5

If you forgot to update Manager or if you want to update it on another computer. You will find its setup in the setup folder of PACKflow. By default, it is located at "C:\Program Files\Mica-Systems\PACKflow Setup".

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