We empower Connectivity

Because all companies use many software tools, the key to efficiency is their capability to interact with each other.

We want Packflow to integrate as easily as possible into existing ecosystems while opening new opportunities.

To this end, Packflow enables many interactions with widely adopted technologies.

Data web services

Exposing data and operations to external systems is primordial to integrate a platform within a company's intranet.

Packflow offers a mix of generic and model-generated web services, both relying on industry standards such as WCF and REST. Developers can add or extend new services easily.

External connections

There are multiple situations requiring data from an external source (file, database, web services …).

Packflow can currently reference up to 14 different types of datasource. Local data is synchronized from them according to defined bindings and a lot of handful settings.

Synchronized data can then benefit from all Packflow features (like RLS, Relations, Workflows...)


Our WebDAV implementation allows the edition of Office and KeePass New window files directly in Packflow, avoiding the tedious download/modify/upload cycle to update a document.

Opening one of these files from our pages will prompt the corresponding application and saving the file will send it back to Packflow automatically.

Office binding

Packflow provides many other functionnalities relative to Microsoft Office:

  • Packflow data synchronization from Excel and Access

  • Excel table synchronization from Packflow via web-service.

  • Word quickparts mail merging, values updated from Packflow.

Web Browsers

Different preferences, devices and company policies lead to use various browsers.
We emphasize on giving the best user experience on the most popular software, staying in touch with evolving trends.


Enterprises' security needs may require diverse authentication mechanisms.

Packflow helps security actors by being compliant with any standard or custom IIS authentication scenario.

Windows users

It is possible to log in Packflow using a local windows user. Local groups can be synchronized with Packflow’s organization. Mostly used in development environment.

Active Directory

Widely used in companies, AD is the top Intranet user store. Packflow can authentify users and synchronize groups without any configuration.


Using any standard .NET Membership provider as an account store, Packflow allows to manage accounts in a generic interface. Very useful when no pre-defined user store is available.


Packflow can rely on Gmail to authentify Forms accounts. Using Google Oauth2 API, it enables users to log in Packflow using Google signin mechanism without any custom development.


Packflow was made to be agnostic to the authentication mechanism present.

This enables you to implement any authentication technology, present or future. Simply comply with IIS's identity management pipeline and Packflow will automatically log in and persist authenticated identity as a user in Packflow database.