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Low-code platform for agile .NET developers.
Embrace agility through incremental and rapid development. Keep a high quality level thanks to code generation enhanced by a powerful engine. That’s the way to make your projects successful.

What is PACKflow?

PACKflow is a low-code platform backed by a full web application stack.

All web applications need common, low-level features to meet architectural requirements. While many components provide these functionnalities, they still have to be put together into a working stack. Integration, version compatibility issues, breaking changes, or lack of optimization between frameworks waste valuable resources.

PACKflow addresses these challenges by providing a complete, operational set of components establishing a reliable architecture foundation for web applications.

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Data access layer, file management, dynamic permissions system, workflows, back-end, web services, timer jobs and deployment infrastructure are all working out of the box. PACKflow technologies are developed in-house, but widely rely on adopted technologies.

Save time and budget on evaluation, learning, integration and deployment to focus on business code and customer satisfaction.

Who is it for?

PACKflow is for business analysts and developers seeking an efficient and flexible way to satisfy end-users.

PACKflow is ideal for form-based applications such as customer claims, KPI, document management, checklists, incident register, but can also be used as a CMS (ticketing, employees or clients database, stock control, website back office...).

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Who is behind PACKflow?

Software engineers and Quality experts, finding innovative ways to contribute producing great business software.

PACKflow was built capitalizing on their many years of field experience.

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